Server Status: We are using icecast and SHOUTcast as backup!

Server Location: Europe, Netherlands (LeaseWeb)

Stream Title: Minimal, Techno, Electro Sets @

Stream Genre: Electronic

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Once we had three servers around .. europe and over the pond!
Now we have only one server. :-( We will stay with that one!
Thanks to all donators! <3 thank for your help, keeping this ON-LiNE!

One Euro is about one day of hosting! :-)


EFNet IRC -> #mnml / send a message


Thanks fly out to cbn of cRo for the awesome ascii header. (get)

To all our listeners. BiG thanks!

ONELiNER: (Archive)

[07/05] I love your station!

[04/05] Hey, randomly found the channel and glad I did!

[25/04] Nice Music Guys <3

[03/04] this the best place ever

[01/04] With all the changes happening in the digital marketing world video is still one of the most efficie

[22/03] <3